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How can I be happy?

We often hear people saying, life is complicated. It’s not life that is complicated, it’s we who make it complex. We run after things, we have no need of, thinking we will be happy. Happiness is not in the destiny. It is in the pursuit itself. Happiness is not outside. It is within. I love these comics about happiness:

How do I find happiness?


Chasing happiness we might feel it’s elusive and it never comes. And that makes people feel even worse. We are trying to find happiness in more money, a big home and a big car but owning them you will realise this chase never ends because then you will want even more money and a bigger home. Hollywood actor Jim Carrey once said,

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of, so they can realise, it’s not the answer.”

So instead of finding the happiness at the end of the race line, we should enjoy small happy moments in our everyday life that we don’t appreciate enough.

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There are various small moments in our everyday life that goes unnoticed, like:

  • Completing a small task on time and getting appreciated.
  • Losing one kilogram of weight.
  • Someone liking your new hairstyle.
  • Your crush smiling at you.
  • Long waited shopping after getting a bonus.
  • Completing a game’s level, you have been playing for long.
  • Cheating on your diet and eating that chocolate cake.
  • Listening to your favourite playlist. Music can be ecstatic.

We should cherish these little moments of happiness and be grateful while keep working for our long term goals. Having a hope of happening something better in future keep us motivated to keep working for our goals. We should always “set small goals and reward ourselves for achieving those goals.” This way we stay motivated and happy.