10 Most Creative Business Name Generators For All Kinds Of Businesses

Wondering what to name your business? Check out this article we created including one of the best business name generators for the most creative names.

Choosing the right name for your business is crucial. The name will become your brand. That’s how everyone will know you. It is definitely not something you want to do without giving it a thorough thought.

The right name can be a really valuable asset to differentiate you from your competitors. But the wrong name can cost thousands of dollars and ruin your brand image. 

Earlier we discussed how to give perfect names for various business ideas. Today we’ll see what tools are available to help us decide the most creative and fun name for our Businesses.

Best Business name generators

Creative Business name generators

1. Shopify

Shopify’s Business name generator has got some really cool business names.

Shopify only shows business name ideas with available domains, making it easy for you to establish an online presence. Plus, it’s designed to generate unique yet random business names to inspire your own.

2. Name Mesh

This tool helps to find the most relevant domains according to the keywords you typed in their search box.

This business name generator divides the name suggestions into different categories such as common, similar, new, and fun to help you find the most appropriate business name for you. You’re provided with thousands of different names divided according to these categories. 

The names with available domains will be in green text, whereas the unavailable domains will be in red text.

To make your work easier and smoother, you can simply check the box named “Hide Registered” on the right side at the top to view available domain names.

You can even alter the length of characters according to your personal preferences and needs.

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This also works like every other business name generator. You just type in the keywords or industry you want to setup your business in and click on generate names. And there you have it, thousands of business names ideas right in front of you.

You will be the shown the available domains in your respective industry, making it easier for you to just focus on what’s available.

One thing I would suggest you when finding creative Business names is that be really specific about what you want. If your business is about leather jackets then don’t just put in jackets as the keyword. Search for names related to leather jackets.

This will help people recognize your brand faster.

4. WebHostingGeeks

I call this business name generator as ‘the social’ generator as it will even show you the availability of Twitter accounts for the respective domains. Isn’t it amazing?

As of the second quarter of 2021, Twitter had 206 million monetizable daily active users worldwide. You obviously would want to present your business on that platform.

Moreover, the generator presents a list of registrars you can use to register the domain.

5. Brand Root

This creative business name generator also offers a name registered with .com domain.

Each listed name is carefully selected and then put up for sale with a professional logo and affordable price. You can search by keyword or category to find a brand name for your niche.

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6.  Namesmith

What’s interesting about Namesmith is that it allows you to include upto five keywords you would like in your domain name.

Depending on the keywords you choose, you’ll be shown domains with the exact keywords, blends, rhymes, pre-suffixes, and modifications.

You will then be redirected to GoDaddy to purchase the domain.

The tool features many different name suggestion algorithms. They construct portmanteaus, a blend of two words like breakfast + lunch = brunch, from your keywords, misspell them in cool ways, add suffixes/prefixes, and provide you with catchy and creative Business name ideas.

7. Hipster Business Name

One of the most creative business name generators is this one.

You can click through to view a list of hipster business names. Your niche won’t be listed in the domain, which allows you to expand your brand into other verticals if you wish to.

They have some really cool and fun business names and more so, you can even purchase a t-shirt with your brand name and logo on it.

8. Fit Small Business

This business name generator guides you through a series of questions to help you find the perfect brand name.

The questions are like what type of goods you sell, the location you serve, and your last name.

They will give you a list of brand names that tend to be three or more words long. Now nobody wants a name that long. So what I do is try different amalgamation of these words to create a catchy business name.

9. Domain Puzzler

This one is a little different from the ones we discussed above.

Domain Puzzler allows you to create a domain name in three ways. The first way is that the keyword is the exact domain.

The second way is advanced, where you can add other keywords you would like to see in your business name.

Then there’s magic where you type the keyword you want, and the tool matches popular words with it. 

This business name generator even lets you view the page rank of popular websites. If you want to get a .com domain, simply check the .com box below the options to only view available domains.

10. Brand Bucket

This business name generator is for business owners who wouldn’t mind emptying their pockets a little.

The brand names available at Brand Bucket have a hefty price tag of over $1000, but the names are unique, catchy and most importantly one word.

Since they are charging you, the customer support is also great here.

If you choose a domain name from this website, you’ll get a logo with it, and you are free to request for logo modifications.

This generator is specifically built for businesses that require responsive customer service, good design, and a creative brand name that creates a powerful impact.

Have you found your business name yet?